Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Explainer on Political Rehabilitation and the 2010 Elections

This is the Monday September 14 episode of The Explainer With Manolo Quezon on ABSCBN ANC showing on Mondays at 6pm and 1030pm.


Jesusa Bernardo said...

I'm thinking that why the Marcoses seem rehabilitated is because following Edsa 2, Filipinos realized that Macoy's diatribe against the unscrupulous "old society" forces has some truth after all.

I used to think Marcos was sort of pure evil but now, save perhaps for HR violations/freedom of expression issues, his policies were actually OK.

Jesusa Bernardo said...

I mean, even Ninoy Aquino talked of the ills of "old society" where wealth was monopolized by a few.

Marcos talked of oligarchs even controlling the media. Are we better off today?