Saturday, September 26, 2009


Thanks to Joe Assad, who posted this letter from Alfonso Yuchengco, Jr. (Boyu) on Facebook this morning.

My name is Boyu, short for Boy Yuchengco, aka Alfonso SyCip Yuchengco, Jr.

A couple of days after Senator Lacson's "privilege" i was contacted by one of our security people who had spoken with a former PAOCTF member. This PAOCTF agent confirmed basically what we knew even then. It was me Estrada had ordered "kidnapped". Yes, kidnapped, not just arrested. And Yes, Me, not my brother, Tito.

Due to their Low INTEL, they mistook my brother for me, primarily due to the fact that my brother, Tito, and i have the same first name - "Alfonso". I, the JR, and he, the Third. The nickname "Boy" is given to the Juniors in the family. My brother, who worked at the Bank at the time, being also named after my father, 'they' simply assumed was the "Boy", the Junior. They could not imagine that there was another 'Alfonso son' lurking around in the vault.

As a result, when these men came to the Bank looking for "Boy Yuchengco", all they got was, "Boy Yuchengco? There's no Boy Yuchengco here." Wish someone in RCBC had also asked them, "You sure you have the right Bank?" Ha!

Media in general, and INQUIRER, in particular, have this thing where they just can't understand why my father never went after Estrada "long after the intimidation factor disappeared following Estrada's ouster from the presidency". (Quote from Inquirer editorial)

Well, why do you think the Chinese are favorite victims of KFR gangs and Government crooks? One, we will do anything for our children, especially when our SONS are threatened, especially when the SON involved is the favorite SON.

Two, even if Estrada had been ousted from the presidency, who says the "intimidation factor had disappeared"? Remember, you guys Set Your Criminals Free! Free to commit more crimes, more intimidation. Free to send their goons after us.

Three, We Chinese are not Ninoy. We have learned, that in the Philippines, "Kami ay laging Nag-iisa!" We cannot expect help or protection from the authorities seeing as to how it is the authorities who tend to come after us.

Can you all not see the Fear Factor involved? If you still cannot, then, i doubt very much you guys will ever be able to reform anything in this country.

The next curiosity noted - "But, they were paid!". Forgetting that this is very much beside the point when the person didn't want to sell to begin with.

I have told some in media that they should look into the history of PLDT. This because once people know the history, know how tied to my father PLDT was from the time the Americans owned it, they might just understand why my father would never have wanted to let go of any of it.

It's as if GSIS paid the Lopezes for MERALCO, even though the Lopezes never want to sell to GSIS and GSIS sent people to threaten the life of one of the Lopez scions to force the sale anyway.

Speaking of the Lopezes, when the TITA took over, they got everything back that Marcos took from them. No questions asked, no red tapes. However, the shares of PLDT taken from my father by Marcos (Yes, this happened once before!) and given to Cojuangco to hold in his (Marcos') name is now even part of what was sold to First (Metro) Pacific by TbC.

"Tita TITA! Bakit kami hindi?" Was it because it involved a Cojuangco? Why the "Kamag-Anak Shuffle"? This is one reason i cannot kowtow to the TITA. Not that i blame her. She definitely was "Good People", no doubt about it. However, she was too naive. And, she allowed a lot of people, relatives and others, to ruin what could have been a real honest-to-goodness bloodless revolution. One that could have finally changed Flip Society for the Better and "for GOOD".

AS for the rest of the "story". I do not have first hand knowledge as to what did or did not happen. I only know of the threat to me because i had been warned by one of my sisters then to lay low. Btw, another thing that showed "their Low INTEL" - Pretending to arrest me on "trumped-up drug charges" - was that it wouldn't have worked. I was in ReHab then, had been for some time. In fact, i was already in the HalfWay House of New Beginnings when all that was happening. So, how does one arrest someone for drugs when the person is already inside the ReHab?

I am passing this information around for no other reason then to draw some of the flak from my father who is now quite old and a bit frail. I also want "them" to leave my brother alone. I also pass this around to remind people that it's easy for Actors to pretend, to fool people, even the Santa Tita. But please don't forget that the guy was, and is, a Gangster. Just look at his friends and "barkada"... You are who you hang out with.
Please pass this around. Are we all going to finally take a stand against the crooks in Government and the Private sector? Or, Nag-iisa lang ba kami ulit?

Btw, this missive in no way defends or sides with Senator Lac. As far as i'm concerned, they're all crooks and should be locked up in the same cell. I-sama na rin ninyo si GrandMA.

BUT, when are the Filipino people ever going to do this? When are we going to start sincerely helping one another rather than claw & rip off one another?

When are we all ever going to learn and live the real meaning of "Maka-Tao" ('Maki-Tao')? When are we ever going to relearn the true sense of "Utang na Loob", wherein we live for, and assist, one another because we care and not because we are being paid for it?

MaBuhay ang Pinoy! MaBuhay rin sana ang Tsinoy!

SOURCE: Philippine Commentary


Anonymous said...

very honest and full of truth

Jesusa Bernardo said...
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Jesusa Bernardo said...

I hope this letter is signed.

Dean Jorge Bocobo said...

Unfortunately, it is not. And I cannot vouch for its alleged origin or veracity. It is here only because I know both Joe Assad and Boy Yuchengco personally (though we are not close). It is not implausible that Joe would come into possession of such a letter (and most implausible that he made this up). Likewise, the letter is plausibly something Boyu might've written. It is here "as is" with no claims of authenticity or veracity. Just plausibility arising from a personal familiarity.

Jesusa Bernardo said...


I'm sure you have good reasons to trust the plausible veracity/authenticity of the letter. I just posted a sort of rhetorical question because, you know, the Yunchengco-PDI case....