Thursday, June 11, 2009

What They Forgot

We wouldn't be in this mess had the framers of the constitution studied the psyche of the of our politicians. After Marcos was ousted, we all thought that there would be genuine change. Well we know now that we were wrong. We opened the floodgates of hell. The con-con delegates did not realized that there is no such thing as decency and values in politics. They also failed to realize that politicians have ways of reinventing themselves so can continue looting the country. The also forgot that many more are waiting on the sidelines for their share of the Philippine pie.

Now we are in this situation that could turn the country upside down. Gloria and her gang will never stop until they achieve their goal. At least now we know that their objective is to save Gloria's neck. Straight from the ass's mouth, Raul Gonzales admitted that the illegitimate one is afraid to face the music when she steps down come 2010. And who could forget Rodolfo Antonino who admitted that their goal is to shift to the parliamentary system. Thanks to the statements of these two, the once uninformed, misinformed and even the cynical now understand the real situation.

Now I go back to the framers of the 1987 constitution. How I wished that they had been more realistic when they drew up the law of the land. How I wish they had taken into consideration that power corrupts and that those who have tasted it are bound to abuse it. If only they had been more studious with tbeir task. Now youcan see them on talk shows trying to explain their lack of foresight and their disregard for the realities of life.

I hope the next time around, we all learn from the lessons of the past and the facts of life.


Dean Jorge Bocobo said...

Mschumey07--Justice Vicente Mendoza once quoted Justice Learned Hand who said something to this effect: A society where there is no moderation--no Constitution can save, but a society where moderation is practice, no Constitution need save.

But nothing could be more immoderate than the shameless declaration of the House Majority's leaders that they are willing and trying to ignite "a justiciable controversy" around chacha. This is towering Bad Faith--to say that they are passing a Resolution in order to foment a Constitutional Crisis that will have to be resolved by the High Court

Anonymous said...

which suggests that thais imbibe the value of english as a language of science AFTER it has established the infrastructure in science. they know that science--the activity--has nothing to do with the english language, for science is "out there". but now fairly confident that they can DO science, the thais are now out to share their knowledge--well, of course in all practicality, in the global lingua franca.

in u.p., as in other phil unis, it's all porma, no substance. the form is of course exuded very well in english. talk about english as a competitive advantage. did this send us to the moon?

inodoro ni emilie

Anonymous said...


could you delete the comment i made above, which is intended for blackshama's entry.

btw, congratulations on the new launch.


Jhay said...

Blaming the framers of the Constitution does little to help solve the problems we are facing today.

After all, the context under which the present constitution was drafted must never be forgotten whenever we examine the document.

It is by understanding this context can we come up with a more sound solution to our present problems concerning the present constitution.

Heck, even Jose Rizal never blamed the earlier Chiefs of the islands for succumbing to the charms of the Spanish conquistadors. Instead, he urged his generation to take the stand and do what is right.

rc said...


I agree that blame is not the issue..just acknowledging that there is this ambiguity is's the basis of the attack by the pro cha-cha house members after all. Too late to fix it now that the issue is upon the nation.

I think the present course of action by the people is the right one...except for the house and Malacañang, nobody is buying it. It's really a political problem that can only be solved with constant popular pressure, as I think it will be.

domingoarong said...


The "Spirit of Liberty" speech of Judge Learned Hand at