Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dancing jailbirds

Americans have been amused by our Cebu jailbirds dancing to Thriller and Heal the World as a tribute to the King of Pop. Now even Anderson Cooper of CNN found it amusing and had a laugh. Perhaps the Yanks can be more amused if instead of agnozing what to do with Gitmo, they step back a while and let the inmates dance Thriller. The jaded would even agree that this is punishment that fits the crime since Guantanamo is really a surreal place on earth.

Since penal theory says that these punishments are meant to reform, perhaps Obama and the US Congress can get tips from the warden of the Cebu maximum security prison. According to him, the inmates behaviour had improved. Cebu tourism now sells the dance routine performed every month. It seems to be a sort of touristy trap 'cultural show" we are dished out when we are on the complimentary hotel city tour!

And old Raul Castro now holding on to a silly and outdated socialism may find Gitmo attracting Euro and USD spending tourists. Who knows the Cubans may boost their tourism revenues and turn on the water back to Guantanamo.

And who is the Thriller? Not Wacko Jacko but Wacko Bin Laden!


Dean Jorge Bocobo said...

hahaha! I suppose the thing that our Penitentiary proves is that making license plates isn't necessarily the best form of rehabilitation.

But literally making the Gitmo prisoners dance, might be a bit problematic, given the general orientation and uhmm, mood that most jihadis are in.

Still I'm all for creativity on how to solve th dilemma of Gitmo. How many of them would we be willing to take as our share, for transport let us say to Cebu for example, for having been part of the Coalition of the Willing?

Anonymous said...

Bin Laden is dead, yah?

Dean Jorge Bocobo said...

bin Laden became "immortal" on 9/11. The evil lives after him forever!

Anonymous said...

You mean like Gloria's to be immortality? As is the smallest, shortest president of the PI. Of course not just literally but also figuratively, e.g., morally small, politically shorttailed, etc, etc, etc.

Marcus Aurelius said...

This is to date is the best thing I've heard about solving Obama's Gitmo quandary.