Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are Philippine Politicians Complicating Red Cross Hostage Situation?

Is the Pope Catholic?

RICKY CARANDANG of ABSCBN News has an excellent post on  the hostage crisis involving workers of the International Committee of the Red Cross who've been taken hostage by the foreign terrorist organization,  the Abu Sayyaf Group under Albader Parad.  He focuses on the drama being played out among Senator Dick Gordon (concurrently chairman of the Philippine National Red Cross and an acknowledged 2010 presidentiable), Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro, Interior Secretary Ronnie Puno, AFP Chief of Staff General Alexander Yano, and Philippine National Police Chief Jesus Versoza --  in the ongoing 3 month long kidnapping and hostage situation on the island of Jolo, Sulu province. Recall that after releasing one hostage last week, (Filipina Mary Jean Lacaba), the kidnappers have held onto Swiss citizen Andreas Notter, and Italian Eugenio Vagni, threatening to behead one or both of them unless the Philippine government evacuates its forces, police and soldiers from everywhere on the island except for the capital city of Jolo. The government has refused to comply with this clearly impossible and illegal terrorist demand.  

What the terrorist Abus Sayyaf are doing in Sulu with the ICRC hostages is an ongoing violation of the Human Security Act of 2007 as a major terrorist crime, as well as a violation of the International Humanitarian Law  involving the ICRC and its workers.

Because Sen. Gordon has openly expressed Presidential ambitions in the past, anything he does during this particular crisis involving the Red Cross will attract suspicion as an attempt to advance his viability as a presidential or vice presidential candidate in the 2010 national elections. 

Sen. Gordon may now be doing more harm than good. Especially with regards to the following speculation or observation if true:

Ricky Carandang:  "Which is why–according to some oberservers– he claimed that the kidnappers would behead a hostage on her birthday.  Having been rebuffed by Puno,  he was trying to pressure Arroyo to give in to the kidnappers demands. 

While he didn’t succeed,  Gordon did manage to get Gen. Juancho Sabban pulled out of the operation.  People in the AFP will tell you that Sabban was the guy who had the most knowledge of the situation on the ground and that his removal deprived the government of one of its most reliable sources of on-the-ground information."

Well it seems that Mr. Albader Parad and the Abu Sayyaf did manage to deliver bloody birthday gift to the President. According to the Manila Bulletin's coverage, a man abducted in Lamitan town just last Friday by suspected Abu Sayyaf rampagers, has indeed been beheaded (via the Manila Bulletin)  on Basilan Island.

I am also dismayed at the behavior and performance of Governor Abdusakur Tan and Vice Governor Lady Ann Sahidullah.   Sometimes, one wonders whose side these politicians are really on, beyond themselves that is. 


Anonymous said...

Again/One more time...

Gordon must back off (he may tearjerk all he wants but just won't work); all the other Filipino dodos there must also back off. Even Nelson Allaga can go back to his favourite cocktail lounge and drink himself to sleep all he wants (his personal services are not exactly required -- his junior officers can accompany the convoy, that's all they are good for anyway).

All that's required of this government from now on is to act as and to limit their role to that of plain and simple contractual service providers or hostage consultants. And while we are at it, the Italians must specify that the terms of the service provider contract with RP government is limited to just simple, very basic logistics.

Ultimately, for this hostage crisis to come to an end, governments men, eg., local, regional and national along with their so-called governement to Abu Sayyaff conduits, must be taken out of the negotiation equation proper -- they are useless, they are clueless, they are morons!

Political Jaywalker said...

They must not have heard of hostage negotiator thus politicians shamelessly use anything in their desperation to get free sound bytes at the expense of the victims.

It is so amazing how these terrorist have direct access to politicians even the president which is just moronic when they are not qualified or have the proper training to deal with hostage situation.


"It is so amazing how these terrorist have direct access to politicians even the president..."

Spot on PJ! Amazing indeed that all these politicos can chat with these hostages to their hearts' content, yet are incapable of catching them.

Filamboy said...

"Amazing indeed that all these politicos can chat with these hostages to their hearts' content, yet are incapable of catching them."

Maybe catching the them is not what they in mind? What would all these twats do for publicity without these terrorists?

Filamboy said...

Are Philippine Politicians Complicating Red Cross Hostage Situation?Answer: Is the Pope Catholic?