Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Hope Manny Pacquiao Gets His Teeth Knocked Out

HAT WAY, we won't have to live with his low-class hubris and utter lack of noblesse oblige (which have nothing to do with social and financial status and everything to do with personal character--or the lack of it). To me he's just another conceited barrio athlete, preened and pumped up like a cockfighting rooster by the likes of Luis "Chavit" Singson and Mike Arroyo. Maybe if Manny Pacquiao loses and they lose interest in him, he may yet learn that we are mere temporary tenants of this Earth and not the Lords of Creation forever and ever. Although I am full of admiration for his boxing skills, everything he has said and done outside the ring, especially plans to run for public office, tells me he is full of something else. Pacquiao is shallow and vain which only means his billions of pesos have nowhere to go but to his head and straight out of his mouth. He is simply not a "champion" in the winsome and almost self-effacing way that a guy like Efren "Bata" Reyes is silent-waters-deep, humble and deservedly admired worldwide. But if Pacquiao wins, his political patrons plan to ride on his popularity for much needed campaign value in the home stretch. Like I said, I hope he get his teeth knocked out along with that fat-headed and ignoble personality so he can really go to work on becoming a world-class boxer.


Ivan Henares said...

Well said! I really admire Bata for his humility despite his fame. I think Pacquiao needs to lose so that our political leeches will show him their true colors.

Lord Dracula said...

I hope so too.

justicialiga said...

I certainly don't want Pacquiao to win in his Congressional race but I am not about to hope that a countryman suffer a debacle against his fight with a foreigner in a boxing match.

I would rather hope that Pacquiao see the "error" of his ways without having to lose in the boxing ring.

Deany Bocobo said...

You mean you'd rather have him win and continue to represent the country even if he's a jerk and just because he's a countryman. Then how could you possibly oppose GMA? Isn't she a countrywoman?

justicialiga said...


He is a countryman.

But how much of a jerk is he?

And are you under the assumption that if he loses in the boxing match; he won't be representing the country anymore?

How can I possibly oppose a countrywoman like GMA? The same way I can feel terrible contempt for persons like Borgy Manotoc if needed even though he is a fellow Filipino.

We have OFW's nearly everywhere and they are said to represent the country too.

If a fellow Filipino is convicted in Saudi Arabia and sentenced to get flogged or even to die, are you in favor that the government DON'T do anything like asking for leniency or clemency?

The person has been found under a country's law as guilty of a crime.

Doesn't that make the guy a criminal? Which would make him worse than just a jerk.

So shouldn't you favor that persons like them should be left to their fate whether they are countrymen or not?

Deany Bocobo said...

Fair enough, justicia liga. A jerk is as a jerk does. I guess we are in agreement though that we ought not to side with someone JUST BECAUSE he is our countryman, or to go against him because he is not?

justicialiga said...


I tend to agree with your last statement.

Marcus Aurelius said...

I was reading that fan site dedicated to Manny.

The headline mentioned his intention to run for congress and I thought it was a joke. I read the article and they danced around the subject jabbing lightly a few times but I did come away with the notion Manny is indeed running for Congress.

God help him. I fear he will get advisers that do not serve him well (and it is one thing to have turkey advisers it is another not to know they are turkeys) and direct him into ruin. I give the man full credit for his boxing skills and other qualities to climb to the top of his profession, but look at Mike Tyson.

Tyson was robbed blind by Don King and while from all appearances Mr. Pacquiao is way smarter than Mike Tyson he is stepping into a ring where the rules are much more fuzzy (even when in black & white) and there is no official with arbitrary power to make sure the rules are followed.

Will Manny know if a particular adviser is a "Don King" or not?

merjoem32 said...

Well, he lost the election so he should regain his senses now. It is for the good of Pinoy Boxing that he should focus solely on boxing.