Monday, March 26, 2007

At Least One Dutchman Knows That Precioussss People's Tribunal Is a "Kangaroo Court"

hile some folks are getting their panties in a bunch over that so-called Permanent People's Tribunal in Geneva finding the Philippines and US Presidents guilty of "crimes against humanity," please note that the Dutch envoy to the Philippines, Ambassador Robert Vornis has called it a KANGAROO COURT
The Netherlands' ambassador to the Philippines on Monday said that his government is concerned about reports of alleged human rights violations in the Philippines. The Dutch government, however, said the ongoing deliberation of the Permanent People's Tribunal (PPT) in The Hague should not be regarded as an official exercise.

Ambassador Robert Vornis told ABS-CBN News that the PPT's activities are more of a political exercise than a traditional one. He said that Filipinos should think of it as a "kangaroo court."

Vornis issued the statement after the six-member jury of the PPT found the administration of President Arroyo to be worse than the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos whose administration was tried by the tribunal in 1980.

The jury found the Arroyo administration, the US government under President George W. Bush and their accomplices guilty of gross violations of human rights, economic and social rights and transgression of the national sovereignty of the Filipino people.
Well, it's a most unfair and insulting characterization to associate certain large marsupials on the Southern Continent with that Stalinist-Maoist exercise in Geneva involving pinheaded Francois Houtarts and Gianni Tognonis. But with Jose Maria Sison there providing most of the "evidence" for the six man "jury" of Human Rightists of the International Left, it's the least that the representative of the Dutch government can do. After all, it is his government that is the biggest state supporter of communist terrorism in the Philippines by giving a bunch of accused multiple murderers there a decades-long Dutch Retreat from which to wage revolutionary war from half-way around the planet.

In case anyone is still mesmerized by the words UNITED NATIONS in front of "Human Rights Council" whenever "rapporteurs" are piously mentioned after parachuting into the Archipelago for talks with the front organizations of Joma, perhaps it's time to ask Secretary General BAN KIE MOON what he really thinks of those wombats in Geneva. Or check out why even the New York Times is publishing dismay at the UN CHR. And here's one of my favorite sites for keeping an eye on the UN.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is no Marcos because she doesn't have the balls that Marcos had. She may have flirted with the idea of declaring martial law last year but apparently had enough sense to take the contrary advice of the former US Director of National Intelligence, John Negroponte after he dropped by all of a sudden in November 2005 (as revealed by resigned Defense Secretary Avelino Cruz). As long as the Senate and Supreme Court are there to keep her excesses in check, it's really her capitulationist tendencies and overeagerness to give ransom to terrorists from time to time that we really have to worry about. (By the way Angelo de la Cruz is running for City Councilor in her home province of Pampanga!)


manuelbuencamino said...

Rerrorism is wrong. It doesn't matter who's doing it. It's wrong. Demonizing communists or muslims is not going to Esperon and company any prettier.

Deany Bocobo said...

I will use the term "fascism" against them--if and when it becomes appropriate. But I think most people now understand the term terrorism ought to be applied to people whose activities really can't be stopped by mere elections or even retirement. But the word really hasn't been invented yet for those folks in Geneva who debase the Law from on high. But just imagine a blonde and blue-eyed Hilario Davide running a fantasy league World Supreme Court or something. Ugh.

ricelander said...

My attitude on communism and communists is so much like you, Dean. In my most vicious moments pondering for myself "if I were the President what would I do to eliminate these goddamn communists?" I would invariably get into the same mindset as Palparan and Esperon: go fuck 'em communist terrorists! Sporting the same mood, if I were indeed the President, first thing I would do is probably send an assassin to get Joma and Jalandoni. But back to sane world, could I defend that in principle? I think not; and there lies the problem. To be sure, the fact alone that the government is losing badly in the PR game in so many forums, so that even a kangaroo court's pronouncement would ever be taken seriously, is enough indication the strategy is flawed, even fatal to the bearer. Even Satur Ocampo certainly knew how to squeeze the most score out of his arrest to get on the good side of the fence. From the looks of it, who's badly beaten now? A hundred or so dead enemies in exchange for what? As I wrote once, it is a tribute to this regime's brazenness that even the most undeserving would merit sympathy.

By the way, when Esperon says the killings should be understood in the context of an armed insurgency, is that not a dead giveaway? Hehe, why the plea for understanding?

Deany Bocobo said...

Few people take the Kangaroo Court seriously. You seem to be one of them. I'm sure Joma would take you in. They can always use more propagandists and apologists with such creative reasoning. Apply to PDI or one of the other front organizations.

jun asis said...

off topic: I sent you email re Philippine Blog Awards night.

Thanks and Congratulations.

manuelbuencamino said...

Well, well, well...Hunger is a lifestyle choice and state terror is okay as long as communists and Joma are the targets.

Just a little more nudging and I think we can transform DJB into one of Gloria's true defenders...

Who knows maybe, after May, an appointment to Norbie's NSC or a column in the Manila Standard will fall on our former freedom fighter's lap.

Keep it up!

Deany Bocobo said...

MB--People, even poor people, make choices all of the time--some good, some bad. Some even choose to become violent revolutionaries, others become alcoholics and drug addicts. Hunger is just one of the EFFECTS of these choices. I believe people should be held responsible for their choices, even as we uphold the right of do-gooders to help them. I do not believe in Marxist determinism, as you apparently do. People are not helpless, but we must draw the line at morals.

You are however free to try and put words in my mouth so as to create easily knocked down strawman arguments if it helps you to deal with my perfectly reasonable arguments by avoiding them.

Same to Ricelander!

Unknown said...


Am so surprised there's even a Vornis who sees things that way among millions in The Netherlands, after all didn't you say that the Dutch "really are the biggest state sponsors of terrorism in the Philippines."?

With your uncanny infallible knowledge on all things Dutch, am even surprised to learn here in your blog that there's one in their midst who ain't into state sponsorship of terrorism in Pinas.

Deany Bocobo said...

Just imagine if you were a Filipino ambassador to the Netherlands and the Philippines just made the murderer of van Gogh's son the star witness in a trial held at the Makati RTC that finds the Dutch govt guilty of crimes against humanity and awarded him permanent asylum and a stipend in Baguio from which he continues to call for the overthrow of the Dutch would you describe things for the Dutch media as you walked down the strasse?

manuelbuencamino said...


I am not a commuist. I have never read Marx so I don't know what Marxist determinism is all about.

I know one thing. I know that a good capitalist thinks of creating oppostunities so that people will have enough money to spend for whatever their hearts desire.

Now the effects of those purchases are for them to suffer as individuals but please don't preach a certain lifestyle.

You can do better by thinling about what would put money in peole/s pockets than composung sermons that will put guilt in their consciences.

As I said before, we are stuck in an either/or economy. A meal bersus whatever. We need to get out of choosing between basic necessities and what we want tp splurge on. That is the way things should be.

manuelbuencamino said...

"Hunger is just one of the EFFECTS of these choices."

Over here, hunger is the EFFECT of being dirt poor.

They started out hungry. Most of them were born hungry and grew up hungry. They didn't go hungry because of vices.

We are not in America where everyone has an opportunity.

It's bad enough that our people live in such a sorry state, you still want to deprive them of the occasional euphoria.

Deany Bocobo said...

I have nothing against occasional euphoria MB. I've even been known to engage in at least some of these vices has nothing to do with being puritanical on my part...merely analytical. When the SWS announces its statistics, explaining them becomes an ideological enterprise with lots of people. You say hunger incidence can be explained by the fact that lots of people are just "dirt poor." But you don't need to be neoconservative or puritanical to conclude that there are an awful lot of causes of poverty as well as hunger that have nothing to do with oppression and exploitation by the rich or the corrupt. Personal irresponsibility is surely a cause of both poverty and hunger, a fact of which I have become aware from personal experience. It also does not require any special ideology or prejudice to note that extreme levels of addiction to these various vices are FACTS of Filipino life (for whatever reason, psychological, political, economic, whatever). When you spend money on any of them, you necessarily have LESS to spend on food. How many of the "heads of household" interviewed by SWS were women with alcoholic husbands? drug addicts? sex-starved maniacs? shabu heads? inveterate gamblers? None? Some? Most? All. Take your pick and tell me I'm being puritanical in making such empirical observations and asking such plain questions.

To attribute all or most hunger to being dirt poor is hardly illuminating, especially if you leap to the conclusion that it is all GMA's fault for cheating in the 2004 elections!

manuelbuencamino said...

Did I make the leap?

I blamed a lack of opportunity for hunger.

Now. if there was a fair amount of opportunity and people wasted it because of vice then I would listen to your sermon. But the fact is there is simply a lack of opportunity for advancement in our country.

How can we create an oppotunity society like America? That's the question I choose to ask, reverend.

Unknown said...

My "Dutch ambassadorship" ain't the issue here, Dean. No point contemplating a thoroughly hypothetical question but I take your follow on comment (to mine) as an admission of some sort that you are sooooooo emotionally charged about the Dutch and Joma Sison's refugee status there that you would be prepared to tag America as the biggest state terrorism sponsors in Pinas if ever Dubya Busg as much as made a "kalabit" to Gloria for the extra judicial killings in situ.

Oh and by the way, Joma himself has been very vitriolic (like you) about the Dutch government, calling them fascists, free riders, labeling the Dutch as "terrorists of sorts", etc, etc for facing him in the European Human Rights Court re revocation of his refugee status in The Netherlands.

Amazing really that you and Joma have exactly the same dogmatic approach towards the Dutch. Tee-hee... What a paradox, eh?

Unknown said...

And by the way, Dean, have already told you gaezillon times that Joma no longer receives ANY stipend from the Dutch government. Of course, you may fault the Dutch for allowing a non-tax paying individual such as Joma to use their roads, their bridges, their whatever but not their hospitals, etc.

For as long as the official terrorist tag applies to Joma, NO COUNTRY in the EU will give him a cent emanating from state coffers (which is what I believe you referred to with your "stipend" spiel), money that's paid by taxpayers. Of course, this is hard to understand coz in Pinas, there's no such thing as bona-fide social security pension scheme for the unemployed and the downtrodden that includes monthly cash pensions we have in the EU (and not just social welfare coupons.)

Deany Bocobo said...

What? You lawyering for the man now? How do you know what stipends he receives? Seems to me some of the things you and that gang over at ellen's said a lot of things about "national sovereignty" that will make for interesting reading in this context.

Deany Bocobo said...

Monsignor Buencamino,
The opportunity of which you speak is the opportunity to create a just and productive society.

So which comes first? The chicken of prosperity or the egg of opportunity?

Shouldn't the people develop a work ethic first before they can expect to enjoy the fruits of their labor? which I agree with you, those fruits ought to include the rights to the occasional bit of euphoria, but only AFTER they've fed the chilluns with the apples and oranges of that labor.

Do we have things just a bit uhmm, bass ackwards, your Grace?

ricelander said...

So, Dean, let me ask you this: who do you think then is perpetrating these killings?

Deany Bocobo said...

When you say "these killings" perhaps you refer to the list maintained by Karapatan numbering over 830 killed.

Cardinal Rosales says both sides are killing each other, meaning to say that the Military and the Militants are killing each other. If he is right, of course, then a significant number of those who have been killed are probably not even on the list maintained by Karapatan, since they only list dead or missing members of organizations like Bayan Muna. Their list purposely leaves out policemen, soldiers, agents and government officials that are killed by the NPA.

I think that is why the top leaders of the front organizations must carefully defend the claim that they are not allied with the NPA. The killings by the Left are done by the ARM, the NPA, the armed wing, while propaganda, recruitment, financial and material support are done by the shield (the front organizations).

The Military knows this modus operandi. I know this modus operandi. You know this modus operandi, so I hope you will not deny that you know this or assume that silly state of denial that Satur Ocampo, Teddy Casino and the rest of the top NDF leaders have perfected and perform with complete mastery whenever Media ask them to categorically denounce or renounce the violence of the NPA.

They never have categorically renounced the violent armed struggle of the NPA. Instead they give the same completely rehearsed bit of hedging and fancy hemming and hawing about root conditions and how it is not their place to reject the NPA's deadly means of conducting revolution, whislt fervently denying any connection between their front orgs and the armed wing.

So now I will ask you several questions:

Where do the NPA get their members and recruits? their arms and their ammo? their food and their gear? their cellphones and their load? their money, clothes, fax machnines, lap tops, radios, camping gear? their remote controlled land mines? Who attacks the government constantly in the Media, schools, and cities while the NPAs conduct military operations? Who is pinning down the govt while the guy in Geneva is giving evidence?

Finally: do you really believe there is no connection between Bayan Muna and CPP NPA NDF?

ricelander said...

You ask: do you really believe there is no connection between Bayan Muna and CPP NPA NDF?

Of course there is. Blind is he who does not see that.

But first things first, if you read my previous comments closely enough you would have gotten my drift correctly. But back to you...

Between Cardinal Rosales and Melo Commission and Alston, I would prefer the latter two. But you prefer the good cardinal, I am surprised but so be it. Now, honestly, why do you ask me the last question? What's something at the back of your mind that you could not say? Is it not to provide subtle justification for the military's extrajudicial actions? How is that consistent with the position that the communists are purging themselves of their own and blaming it on the military? It doesn't make sense, does it? Now, even if that were so, tell me, what does that say of a military leadership's competence that it could not even capitalize on its propaganda value? Getting a black eye for its enemies'sins?

My senses tell me the military is making these selective hits. These hits to them are perfectly fair and justifiable because they are legitimate combatants in a war: closet armed insurgents who assume harmless posture as a farmer, or unarmed militant at daytime, or plain supporter. Here is where I am ambivalent. The military is perhaps correct in pinpointing their targets but how do you defend that while upholding the principle of law and justice? Now I leave that for lawyers to discuss. But pay attention to public perception, Dean. Aren't you concerned that Bayan Muna is now topping the polls! See whatI mean? The strategy being employed is creating an unintended effect favoring the enemies of your cause.

I have no sympathies for communists and leftists, Dean.

Deany Bocobo said...

Your original question was who I thought was engaged in certain killings. The general answer is that many different forces and individuals are apparently engaged in it. Among the Bishops, the Melo Commission and even the UN rapporteur there is common agreement on that general fact. They may disagree on how much by whom, but I think the outstanding fact is that there is a war, a violent struggle that takes many different forms, from outright attacks to propaganda. that war is the direct result of the existence of an armed wing that is not the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The killings, whether justified or not, cannot be stopped until that armed insurgency lays down its arms.

I merely accept this reality, whereas it seems you would hold the government forces to a standard that you would not impose on the Left.

ricelander said...

Should we hold the same standards for outlaws and the legal forces of the government? Of course not. You hold the CPP and NPA and their allies in the same standard and you give them tacit recognition as a parallel government. You wanna give those bunch of idiots
belligerency status? What favor! Joma must be smiling very broadly these days wherever he is... while feigning sorrow for the lost lives.

How I wish the defense secretary or Esperon were my uncle so that I could offer a little advice hehe but I am not.

Tell me, what's ever left as selling point of communism? Nothing? Except that it could parade lofty and blockbuster concepts of equality and justice in the countryside where poor folks are indeed suffering from extreme poverty and oppression from local overlords. Now, these are the vulnerable types-- how do you tell them the truth about this ideology; or how did it fail in Russia and East Europe? Or how it led to brutal decimation of millions of lives, and so on. These folks need some assistance to understand. If we could afford golf courses, lavish clubhouses, and so much more lost in administrative leaks (read: graft and corruption) surely a few billions more poured for good intel, PR work, educational drive, medical mission, civil engineering etc. perhaps focusing in one pilot area would make good experiment on how to deny the fish its swimming pond... what do you think?

Our village was once NPA infested. A company was deployed there to counter their presence. It was good at first because the soldiers were initially courteous and would participate in civic projects; they were welcomed. Until the bastards started drinking and engaging our folks in brawls and chasing our women and terrorizing poor farmers who allowed people they are equally afraid of a few hours of shelter in their homes. Later they would learn to solicit for chicken, pigs, sacks of rice for free, in exchange it seemed for guarding the village from marauders. These in contrast with the rebels who were considerate, genial, soft-spoken though perhaps completely clueless at the nature of the ideology they are fighting for. This account is not first hand as I was then in the city for college but I am relating this to give you an idea why in some areas the NPAs thrive, even welcomed with open arms: very bad PR.

I could go on but I am taking too much space. Thanks by the way for the attention.

Unknown said...

Re: hb, "What? You lawyering for the man now? How do you know what stipends he receives? "

No, Dean, I ain't lawyering for the man at all.

You speak of stipends the man receives from the Dutch government and so I tell you there's none. (Also asked him once last year and he said "None" and then broke into rants against the 'ignoble' Dutch, etc.)

Hard to believe? Rule of law, man, rule of law.

Your man is on the OFFICIAL terrorist list in The Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium, etc., and as such, Dutch law, as well as EU member nations laws stipulate that all stipends, pensions, State freebies, etc are automatically withheld when a person is officially declared a terrorist (even if we are only doing it to make Bush happy.)

I do understand this sort of thing won't and cannot happen in Pinas so it's hard for a Pinoy to understand this but we do have certain rules to follow over here - the Dutch govt isn't exempted.

Oh yeah, to prove that the Rule of Law in Holland is alive , well, really quite unlike in Pinas, your man can still go to court and question in EU Courts Dutch govt decision to physically get rid of him when they revoked his refugee status that he got sometime in the late 80s.

Now back to you: How do you know that your man is receiving stipends from the Ducth govt?