Saturday, October 16, 2010

NB: Nota Bene

The experiment involving Philippine Commentary as a "group blog" is now formally ended.  It has, in my opinion, not worked out. So, I am unilaterally transforming Philippine Commentary back into an individual and personal blog.  I sincerely thank all who've participated in Philippine Commentary as authors, commenters and readers.

This is a kind of second resurrection for this old blog, which started around 2002 upon the inspiration of the guy who runs The Belmont Club.  I gave it up in 2004 after blogging extensively on Edsa Dos, the failed impeachment of then Chief Justice Hilario Davide and GMA's seizure of a second term. I returned to Philippine Commentary after the Subic Bay Rape Case incident occurred, as well as "Hello Garci."

Philippine Commentary Version 3.0 will be primarily concerned with  SCoRP (Supreme Court of the Republic of the Philippines) and its continuing role in the evisceration of our constitutional democracy.  Fortunately for my readers, I am not a lawyer, just like most of them.  I only hope to be able to address these momentous issues of our Republic from the intelligent layman's point of view.

Education, environment, and energy  will also be a strong themes in coming blog entries as I have just spent the last nine months (in lieu of blogging!) living and working in the fifth class municipality of Sagada in the Mountain Province.

Welcome to Philippine Commentary V3.0 !