Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jessica Zafra's "World Domination" theory maybe coming to an end

Jessica Zafra's theory is that we Filipinos will dominate the world because our OFWs are everywhere. But insensitive and questionable acts like these ("Smiling president", police and students posing at the hostage scene, Flag draped coffin for the hostage taker) will have long term consequences on how Filipino overseas workers will be treated in the future by their Chinese employers.

That, and the incompetence caught on TV of course for the world to see.

Not looking good for us, sez Conrad de Quiros:

Our OFWs in Hong Kong and China say they are deeply fearful about how their employers and neighbors are going to treat them over the next few months or years. They have every reason to. This isn’t going to blow over. This isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. This will get worse before it gets better...

To this day, pictures of the crowd that surged forward after the shooting to ogle the dead continue to make it to the social media. To this day pictures of cops and students posing before the blood and gore, in some instances smiling and preening, continue to make it to the social media. How do you think that is going to be taken by the Chinese community? How do you think that is going to be taken by any sane person?

That is a disgusting display of bad manners and wrong conduct. That is a disgusting display of perversity. That is a disgusting display of lack of humanity.

Insensitive. Just like putting that Mosque near "Ground Zero" insensitive.

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TatangREtong said...

From the perspective of a Filipino-American, there is nothing to be ashamed about by this terrorism event. The terrorist was a highly ranked police officer who understood police procedures. The Philippine budget is limited with respect to training. It is human nature to take photos to prove one was there.

Filipinos need not be ashamed. It is terrorism.

As for the mosque near Ground Zero, it is TWO MILES away. That is a 10 minute run or a 20 minute walk or a 30 minute leisurely walk. It is not insensitive. It is a very obvious political ploy by Republicans. I should know, I'm a Republican.