Sunday, August 10, 2008

America's Moros

If anyone doubts that the MOA-AD represents ethnoreligious apartheid check out this graphic currently displayed on the MORO ISLAMIC LIBERATION FRONT WEBSITE:

Former Senate Pres. Franklin Drilon is quite right that the signing would be a culpable violation of the Constitution. Take a look at the very first line of the MOA-AD, which to me espresses the real essence of its motivation as the establishment of religious apartheid:


These are the very words that MILF/ASG ambushmen were screaming as they sawed off the heads of ten marines last year, and which every suicide bomber utters as they press the trigger that takes them up to a paradise of sexual debauchery.

The fact that the MOA AD does not even mention the Philippine Constitution in its Terms of Reference, as Dean Pangalangan and even Joaquin Bernas noted today, drives home the point that it is a treacherous and unacceptable document that no one ought to seriously believe is about peace.

Much as I join in the desire for peace to be achieved in Mindanao, we cannot do it by giving up our most unalterable convictions about the need for secular society in which the State does not do things in the name of Relgion, any religion.

It is a misdirection play to bring about chacha.

Whichever one is referred to here, (though one would be utterly disingenuous to deny that it is Malayasia’s preferred deity), it is simply NOT in the name of God that we ought to be pursuing peace–for that would surely lead to war.

Below continues my recorded readings from Thomas McKenna's book, Muslim Rulers and Rebels (Chapter 5: America's Moros, Anvil Publishing House, 1998). It will be fascinating for readers to discover that the very concept of Philippine Morohood is basically a conscious American creation during the colonial period in preparation for the eventual independence of the Philippines.

The two previous chapter readings are also here:

Islamic Rule in Cotabato (read by Dean Jorge Bocobo)

European Impositions and the Myth of Morohood (read by Dean Jorge Bocobo)
My reading of The Great River (Chapter 12, History of Jesuits in the Philippines, by Horacio de la Costa, S.J.) follows. It provides a window in centuries of Moro sultanic slaveraiding in the Visayas and Luzon and puts to flight any notions of their peaceble nature--nd reveals why most the Filipinos became Christians.


Dave said...

Dean, I got no audio now so cannot listen.. If written version available, would appreciate.

Please convey my thanks and regards to MLQIII for his Wall Street Journal piece.

Am following Wretchard and company at for best coverage of Georgia situation.

Done Been Pooten, as I call him,
has something in common with some Illocano whose name I cannot recall. Both sitting on top of a kleptocracy and thinking they were running the show when in truth the kleptocrats were running them.
La Gloria ought to beware.

DJB Rizalist said...

I do believe his whole book is on Google Scholar, just haven't got the link handy. Thomas McKenna, Muslim Rulers and Rebels, 1998. please look it up. thanks.

J said...

Frankly, I couldn't care less on the constitutionality of the MOA right now.

Constitutional of not, it would be crazy for the GRP to sign that MOA.

If I have my way, I'll just wipe the MILF off from the face of Mindanao.