Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Song of Musa Dimasidsing

Rizal took bullets to the heart,
Ninoy took bullets to the head,
He's taken bullets to the teeth.
Musa Dimasidsing is he!

Listen now oh Maguindanao,

Hear the sound as the whistle blows.

It blows for thee, warlord zeroes.
Musa Dimasidsing is free!

In our hearts where go the heroes
Truth sings Musa Dimasidsing
Brave as Musa Dimasidsing
So shall all Filipinos be!


Jego said...

Just like Musa, after leading the Israelites to the Promised Land, never lived to set foot in it, our Musa showed us the way to ours.

Brave as Musa Dimasidsing
So shall all Filipinos be!

Nicholas Kister said...

As always, Dean, your writing is beautiful and inspirational... this poem is no exception... thank you

Cyber Istambay said...

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Butch said...

Prickly permutations. Could this be a sort of da Vidi code?

A Jove needs CIA keepers

Progress naman! Gaba? Colic!

*Gaba: Cebuano for karma or retribution

Supine hippie vipers: the Senate Floor
I, vile senate shopper, I shop if u repent.

George Que Ng

DJB Rizalist said...

interesting butch! Is that a piece of software that does that or did you or george ng do it by hand?