Friday, April 13, 2007

Coddling the NPA While Dissing the AFP

Read this editorial from yesterday's Philippine Daily Innuendo (Double Whammy) and tell me that those folks aren't coddling the New People's Army and promoting its violent nihilism. Talk about moonbattery! First they too-gleefully recount how thoroughly inept and irresponsible the Philippine Military can be when it comes to securing its own men and facilities. Now there is an element of truth to this characterization, but the way PDI does it is like...calling an autistic child retarded. Then they almost worshipfully portray the strength and stealth of the New People's Army, even dutifully quoting Ka Roger Rosal crowing about that dastardly raid on the Davao Penal Colony and its seizure of a over a hundred largely unguarded firearms. That, before they spring their solution to the NPA's recent string of atrocities by suggesting the Philippine Government get back into "peace talks" with the heavily armed insurgents! Slap me on the forehead already, but am I missing something here? What are the NPA planning to do with those machine guns and Armalites they just "confiscated"? Guard the peace talks? Sell copies of the Inquirer in the hills, or use those firearms to assassinate "class enemies of the people" and carry out their terrorist extortion activities? Where are all those so-called "non-communist" progressives when the communists strike with deadly force (such as their recent use of anti-personnel land-mines against a busload of innocent people). Oh right. They're busy campaigning for their favorite front organizations like Bayan Muna or bowing low in obeisance to some Kangaroo Court in Geneva which recently "convicted" the Philippine and US governments of "crimes against humanity" using Jose Maria Sison as the official witness. With such incredible support from one of the countries biggest newspapers, no wonder the CPP NPA NDF gets to run rough shod over the government on both military and propaganda fronts. That government people ought to remind these jerk-off paleoliberals, is still the only Constitutionally sanctioned government. They may not think so and are trying hard all the time to convince the people otherwise, but corrupt, inefficient and frustratingly inept as it is, we ought not think that the alternative would be any better. It would be far worse. The idea that peace talks could ever work with this particular enemy grows out of the same culture of appeasement and capitulation that allowed the Abu Sayyaf, the MILF and the MNLF to run circles around the government. It does not occur to these folks that the terrorists of both stripes are not interested in peace without the destruction of the democratic system and the complete victory of their so-called proletarian revolution. Do they really think that the communist and Islamist insurgents are interested in democracy, in the welfare of the people, without themselves in complete ideological and dictatorial control? If there is violent struggle and killings on both sides, it is because war has been declared on the government and on the democratic system by people with an entirely different agenda that even the most idealistic idiots at the Philippine Daily Innuendo could possibly support, if only they would wake up and open their eyes and ears for a while. Their call for peace talks is really just a way of agreeing with the NPA that the government deserves to be overthrown, that democracy doesn't actually work, that "root causes" justify the extortion, assassinations and protracted armed struggle of the insurgents. It's their way of agreeing with the CPPNPA and helping them on the propaganda front by coddling the violent means they have chosen to reform society. More people should start calling a spade a spade and realize that this kind of "liberalism" leads to social suicide. There is a very short, direct route to peace that doesn't involved a whole lot of eck-eck talking. The insurgents merely have to lay down their arms and work for reform the way rest of the people are doing it--peacefully! Like the communist front organizations, so-called non-communist progressives never call for the NPA to actually lay down its arms as a means of achieveing peace. And they have many sophisticated and amazing reasons why they do not make such calls.


blackshama said...

Maybe some in that national blurb with so called "fearless views" still look up to our very own Commie High Priest in Utrecht.

I did find it very hilarious that this fearless views paper gave wide coverage about that "Kangaroo Court" in the Netherlands. What is even more funny is that a Senator of the Republic even testified in this "court". LOL!

Communists do have the right of expression in any democracy. However a non-negotiable of any negotiation is the laying down of weapons. Anything short of this is like negotiating with terrorists. Anyone who has read the history of Nazi Germany should know this.

It's an idea that even the Irish Republican Army has belatedly realized and it's political wing has entered into power sharing agreements. But of course the IRA seems to be more disciplined than our own NPA.

If the CPP-NPA want power, they should win using ballots as the IRA-Sinn Fein has done.

BTW, the paleoliberals that Dean Bocobo refers to are also the same class of idiots that hinder the progress of the State University, especially now that the UP has to generate extra resources to improve teaching.

In fact these aging liberals still dream of the First Quarter Storm!

Rizalist said...

I suppose they will want more peace talks after the MNLF shelled the Marines!