Sunday, February 4, 2007

Giving Peace a Chance? Or Has Dhimmitude Set In?

All the way back from Baguio City today, I was listening to radio coverage of the detention by Moro National Liberation Front TERRORIST-INSURGENTS of 25 high ranking government "peace negotiators" including Undersecretary for the "Peace" Process Ramon Santos and Marine General Benjamin Dolorfino. I almost rammed a tricycle illegally plying the national away after my blood boiled over listening to "Peace Talks" head honcho JESUS DUREZA, and 3rd Marine Division Commandant Juancho [inaudible], make light of the whole thing, saying there was even a festive mood in Panamao, Jolo, after the terrorists slaughtered a calf in what was surely some kind of nasty celebration of the government's utter humiliation. Both claimed "no real harm has been done." All 25 detainees were released after being held for two days by the terrorist gang of Ustadz Malik, a Nur Misuari supporter.

During the press conference that followed their "release" it was obvious that 48 hours was more than enough for the Stockholm syndrome to have taken effect on these incredibly weak-minded and totally capitulationist "peace negotiators" including the idiotarian Jesus Dureza who seemed to be making every effort to downplay the atrocious actions of the MNLF terrorists. One of the most risible comments from Dureza was that the MNLF terrorists just wanted to "extend their meeting" to clarify a 1996 "peace accord" with the MNLF. The Palace is desperately trying to save a "peace process" that has not produced any peace at all, and only given al Qaeda, Jemaah Islamiyah, Abu Sayyaf, and the two Moro "liberation fronts" -- National and Islamic -- all the room in the world to start training camps in Mindanao and to advance the regional cause of Islamofascism and terrorism.

NO HARM DONE? After a bunch of gun-wielding insurgent terror warlords detain the Major General that heads the National Capitol Region Command, a bunch of his colonels, as well as the Cabinet minister in charge of the peace process? No harm done!?

I think it's time for the Filipinos to start reading up on DHIMMITUDE.

Because that is what the Philippine Government and people have fallen into, thanks to the head dhimmi herself, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who started this fatal trend with the Angelo de la Cruz capitulation and ransom payoff to Iraqi terrorists, and continuing with her incredibly lame-brained leadership in a peace process whose only reason for existence is to claim it exists.


HOSTED NOT HOSTAGED? Now comes Major General Benjamin Dolorfino himself on television, (who says he converted to Islam to prove his commitment to the peace process), saying that he was not actually "hostaged" by the MNLF terrorists, but merely "hosted." He says Ustadz Malik even "hosted" him by letting him sleep in his own bedroom and that the local Moro leader even treated the fever of USec Ramon Santos. AFP Chief of Staff Hermogenes Esperon has also reportedly ruled out any military retaliation for this outrageous act. Where is this all headed? Total Surrender?

WILL GMA DENY THIS WAS A TERRORIST ATTACK TOO? ABSCBN News reports on the possibility that a massive explosion of a Carbon Dioxide gas-bearing tanker that killed over fifty people was, like Superferry 14, a terrorist attack.

AFP: No Retaliation? I didn't think the Philippine military and political leadership was this much out of its right mind on terrorism and insurgency, but ABSCBN News is reporting that the AFP has "assured" that there will no retaliation for the hostage taking of Maj. Gen. Ben Dolorfino, USec. Ramon Santos and two dozen other high ranking "peace negotiators". Whatever happened to the Rule of Law? Doesn't this at least qualify as kidnapping or illegal detention? Whatever happened to national sovereignty? Or even self-respect? These thugs are even being defended by the victims themselves, especially Islamic convert Dolorfino--in the hope of saving the peace process they have failed to bring to any kind of honorable conclusion.

Waiting for what Malacanang has officially to say about this outrage. (Probably another sweeping under the rug of their failure, incompetence and policy paralysis.)

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