Monday, November 20, 2006

Think Your Nice New Call Center Job Is Safe?

Democrats Could Put a Chill on Outsourcing The Manila Bulletin reports on the remarks of William Padfield, CEO of Datacraft Asia who worries that the anti-outsourcing policies of Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party could reduce business going to call centers here and elsewhere.
"The Democrats believed in keeping the jobs in the US, while the Republicans are more pro-business. This could impact on the call center business in the Philippines, India and other countries."
The New York Sun uncovers the reason for the Democratic Party's anti-outsourcing stance: Shrinking Labor Unions Push for Protectionism.

And guess who campaigned as "the Anti-Outsourcing Candidate" from Virginia: Jim Webb, with whose victory the Democratic Party took control of the US Senate 51-49. I'm pretty sure Nancy Pelosi would rather have Call Centers in San Francisco, California than San Francisco del Monte. They're anti-imperialists you see and don't want Filipino college students to be oppressed working long hours for the monopoly capitalist call center operators exploiting the Philippines cheap labor.

Strange, but the Philippine Left really hasn't heard the news and Conrado de Quiros probably doesn't read the Bulletin or the New York Sun, so he cheers --
I’m especially elated that this comes in the heels of another momentous event, which is the Democratic victory in the United States. Which bodes well for the advancement—or never mind advancement, just mere observance—of human rights across the world.
Whoa! Is that a teensy-weensy note of skepticism showing there? And check out the hyperbole...
What can I say? I wouldn’t mind wearing Gap, Polo, or Ralph Lauren shirts in days to come. I don’t know that they’ve been charged with turning a blind eye to child labor in sweatshops in Asia, like Nike, but if only for their speaking out against the horrendous atrocity that is the open, brazen and near-genocidal decimation of journalists and political activists in this country, I’m all for giving them their due.
Near genocidal decimation. I wonder if he means like Saddam Hussein? Oh and yeah those wonderful apparel makers "speaking out against the horrible atrocity..." Like Nike, like Polo, like Gap...

So, who is the Muslim Magellan? Noralyn Mustafa (Kris-Krossing Mindanao) fumes at the history books for teaching Filipinos that Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines in 1521. She assures us Magellan's voyages were all a part of the West's Crusades against Islam. But I wish she would tell us who discovered the Philippines for the Muslims before Magellan. I'd really like to know, but she doesn't really say and instead reviews a thousand years of Islamic history and makes a long detour back to the year 718. (Anno Domine?)

Manny Pacquiao Stung Morales Like a Swarm of Bees
They sang three national anthems in Las Vegas: Mexico's, the United States and the Philippine National Anthem, which Sarah Geronomo performed a capella and with a grand and soaring solemnity. From the opening bell and their first "bara-bara" tussle, it must have seemed to Eric Morales that he was boxing with a swarm of bees. Manny "Pac-Man" PACQUIAO was like a mean lil dancing machine as he TKO'd "El Terrible" in the third round of their third fight in Las Vegas today. The PacMan was in awesome physical shape and completely outshined the stunned Mexican boxer in all areas: speed, strength, percentage of power punches landed, and if might add from Morales column to the PacMan's: STYLE. Manny Pacquaio has developed a confident kind of control over his own amazing speed, agility and offensive accuracy--the kind of thing you see in ballet dancer like Rudolf Nuryeyev. The first time he knocked down Eric Morales, he seemed to be off-balance from a barrage of his opponent's desperate long shots, then his left hook seemed to come out of nowhere for a roundhouse rendezvous with Morales' jaw. After that first round strike, the PacMan just seemed to be shoving El Terible around the ring, surrounding him from all sides with moves people haven't seen in a Filipino boxer since Flash Elorde, or ever. I saw the fight at the Mall of Asia with a large cheering crowd. Henry Sy did a smart thing screening the fight live on HBO at some 100 theatres in SM Malls nationwide (P500 per ticket with free Jollibee Sandwich, drink and dessert). The only Fly in the Ointment was the sudden appearance at the end of Luis Chavit Singson.


john marzan said...

i think this post is misleading re de quiros' article. he was writing about foreign business, not just the US, warning the arroyo admin to respect human rights.

and as far as i can tell, de quiros wasn't anti-investment (IMO, mas gusto pa nga nya ng foreign investments dito eh para hindi na lumabas pa ng ibang bansa ang mga kababayan natin para maging supermaids) or supporting anti-outsourcing candidates in the US.

Here's the first 2 paragraphs of the de quiros article:

I NEVER GOT TO WRITE ABOUT IT LAST week, but I can’t let it pass without comment. Or indeed without praise. That was the call made by the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce and several multinationals on Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to stop the killings. The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce represented the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Korea. The call was made as well by several locally based US apparel companies.

“Such violence has no place in a modern democratic state. For the sake of justice, and to deter continued killings, these murders should be investigated thoroughly and those found responsible punished under the law.” These killings don’t stop, the groups warned, foreign investments will. What is at stake is P8.5 billion in direct foreign investments over the next four years that could provide jobs for close to 3 million Filipinos. The group’s statement made it clear that the days when foreign investments and a climate of murder were golfing buddies, which was when the United States supported thugs in the Third World, are over.

Read the whole thing. What this means is that the US and other countries will not do business with corrupt and illegitimate rulers until they stop the political killings.

in other news, I fear the democracy experiment is coming to an end... with a whimper in iraq. If bush prematurely bails out of iraq, mawawala na ang respeto ko sa kanya.

john marzan said...

if bush turn iraq into another mogadishu, hindi ko mapapatawad si bush 43. and i'm sure the MILF, the abu sayyaf and JI is watching closely what is currently happening in iraq...

Dave Llorito said...

do you really think america will stop outsourcing? supposing the democrats will push for that; will they succeed? i dont think so. outsourcing is part of globalization and america is the number one beneficiary of that process. they wont stop something that is giving american economy competitive advantage. i really think that anti-outsourcing stance is all about getting the votes.

john marzan said...

the democrats keep coming up with new brilliant ideas.

llorito: "i really think that anti-outsourcing stance is all about getting the votes."

exactly david. the dems are just pandering for votes.

Dave Llorito said...

re pacman: its not accurate to compare pacquiao with elorde. they are polar opposites. pacquiao is all about power, speed and aggression. elorde was very systematic, "scientific," and "poised" who destroyed his opponents through attrition. either style is ok for as long as it gets the job done.

Rizalist said...

I think the Democrats have actually raised some valid points against outsourcing. For example on the matter of confidentiality of legal and medical records when they are processed in back office operations overseas.

Of course they won't kill the outsourcing industry, which is fast maturing and settling down. But they could make it more expensive to operate and thus remove the economic incentive for it.

dave, i guess when I was a kid and elorde was a champion, he seemed plenty fast to me. but i bow to your superior recollection of that great fighter. thanks

Rizalist said...

i only meant that choy is cheering the win of the Democrats as if its the dawn of human civilization. I know he daren't criticize call centers. Many of the people who read him need him to fill the space between their ears when they don't have the headphones on.

Jego said...

She assures us Magellan's voyages were all a part of the West's Crusades against Islam.

(Double take) Wha-??? And all the while I thought it was about spices.

(The Muslim Magellan would have to be the source material for the Arabian Nights' Sinbad, the great Chinese admiral Zheng He.)

Amadeo said...


For an easier comparison, minus of course the multi-million dollar purses and PPV, I present our own Rene Barrientos. Comparable in size, stance (southpaw), and even geographical origins. Both also won world titles, in the 130-lbs division.

Dave Llorito said...

under bush, the US has actually made all sorts of restrictions on the outsourcing of public sector jobs and activities, but they havent done anything to the restrict outsourcing decisions of private companies or corporations. i guess its obvious that they know the limits of what they can do vis a vis private investement or corporate decisions.

postigo luna said...

After your series of articles on how misleading some surveys can be - particularly those trumpeted by SWS and the PDI - I am dying to know what your take would be, on the latest surveys showing GMA's dismal approval numbers. Are those surveys righteously presented?