Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Justice Committee Dismisses Second Impeachment Complaint Against Pres. Arroyo

oting 56-24 along party lines, the House Justice committee has just dismissed the second impeachment complaint filed against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in one year--for insufficiency of substance. Salacnib Baterina, debating against the impeachment complaint, seemed to put an early nail on the second impeachement's coffin by revealing an apparently true insufficiency of substance in SOME of the causes of action contained in the Complaint, namely the matter of unsolved political killings. He observes that vague generalities do not constitute a substantial connection between the President and any given instance of unsolved murder. House Speaker Jose de Venecia immediately predicted a similar outcome in the House Plenary vote that will be taken as soon as the Committee report is completed. (I know what he actually means, but if you took him literally and assumed a 56:24 proportion in the final plenary tally, that would reverse the justice committee's recommendation under the One Third Rule.) Minority Leader Chiz Escudero was graceful in defeat. Theoretically the Opposition in Congress still has 2007, 2008, and 2009 to impeach her. Indeed, all early indications are that (1) the Senate will become decidedly Opposition in the 2007 national Senatorial elections; and (2) it is not unimaginable that more than 80 House Members will be Opposition by 2007. But it has to be done the old fashioned must be earned in the elections of 2007. Surely, the Opposition can rise to the challenge of voting into office the required number for impeachment in the House of Representatives and virtually certain conviction in the 2007 Senate.


manuelbuencamino said...


Even as I write, the SOVs and COCs are already being filled up.

Juan said...

How can you vote-out the anti-impeachment trapos if you have nobody to vote-in?
Unless you have a stronger man-for-man line-up and the voters' conscience vote, the 2007 elections goes to the admin. I bet they'll get more seats. Garci will win, same way Iggy won.

Bernardo F. Ronquillo said...

Nograles said it is a numbers game. It is not about principles and the rule of law nor of what is right or wrong nor IS A QUESTIONOF FORM & SUBSTANCE but of who's got the majority. To hell with delicadeza! For them Impeachment is not only about supremacy in numbers but that IT IS A GAME, A SPORT, much like basketball or black jack.

But then impeachment is also a RIGHT. It will not win now, but please let's do it again next year and the next, and the next and the next. JUST TO PROVE A POINT AND AS A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE.

Rizalist said...

There is no other way but impeachment and conviction right now. But some people -- who regard themselves as revolutionary--would really like to see another "people power" because they imagine that Edsa 2 was such a revolution. They think that revolution by the masses is the actual answer. But it is not. The pro-Estrada masses who saw what happened to their democracy in 2001, and the anti-Estrada forces who see that 2001 was really a coup involving GMA, FVR, Cardinal Sin, Angelo Reyes and Hilario Davide, won't be fooled again. Democracy really IS a numbers game! Principles are held and exercised by individuals. The Majority is within its democratic rights to vote as it pleases, now and forever! We shall proclaim that too, when we DO have the numbers.

The problem of electoral reform was there before and will likely be there after GMA. It's juvenile to deny that and act and speak as if GMA were the ROOT of all problems. She is not. WE are. The Filipino people are!

Anonymous said...

I could readily submit to the claims that current majority will remain a majority and say its sad but true. But come, on that is like saying to accept reality and it is destiny.

Electoral problems have been there,The military has been used,private armies have been used,family feuds,political rivalries have been there,an what not.They are there and if we accept them as harsh realities,then what do we do?Revolt?History has told us,that revolution is not the solution.

Democracy, even if it is said to be there way back since the ancient Romans and Greeks is still yet to be understood.
Now as to the problems are the Filipino people themselves,I say the problems is with humanity.
Humanity's way of making life so difficult for everyone.

john marzan said...

will garci really run for congress?

I hope he runs, para masaya sa 2007.

Jesse said...

Issues: Impeachment process will never work as long as we keep on voting for candidates that do not even know what is right and what is wrong. One of the impeachment complaint is about corruptions and it clearly shows how corrupt our government is. We have to teach these politicians on the next election what FORMS AND SUBSTANCES means.