Sunday, July 2, 2006

Can You Spot The Dormant Volcano?


I think this all looks a lot nicer over at my NEW Science and Technology Blog.


Anonymous said...

I remember last year,You already started the science and techno blog.

I also saw your plug (Jon Mariano's)on your project on google maps.

Good project,DJB.

lalo na ngayon, sabay sabay nagpaparamdam ang mga volcanos.

Amadeo said...


These new maps are really stupendous.

For us here in the mainland, we are discovering new things that used to be described only in text. Now we see the very rooftops of our houses, the trees that we have planted in the yards, and any other structures we may have added. In Daly City, for example, one can spot unmistakable signs of the San Andreas Fault which runs through it and out to the coastline.

In times past, we used to be warned by the assessor’s office not to attempt any erection of unlicensed structures within residences because their periodic aerial surveys would spot them and could result in heavy fines and other actions. And that was supposed to keep us sufficiently in tow.

But with these new maps, even a person sitting in his yard can be spotted.

Privacy issues?

Bernardo F. Ronquillo said...

Your post now is something that distinguishes you from other writers.

But the dormant volcano that I can feel is not on your map or is it?

Its the one by the bank of the polluted Pasig River. Will it remain dormant?